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Where is Bar Rescue When You Need It?


One of the more compelling and, more importantly, educational programs on television today is Bar Rescue. The Spike network program features Jon Taffer, a long-time food and beverage industry consultant, providing his professional expertise to reform bars that are on the verge of closing. It often contains a flare for the dramatic—most notably, Taffer screaming at owners and workers for poor service, filthy work environment conditions, and poor marketing decisions in general. However, he also gives his clients insider tips and tricks of the trade to make their business successful. According to an interview he did with Business Insider, the show has a 90 percent success rate.

One of the most emphasized tips Taffer gives his clients is to take pride in their presentation. Customers notice shortcuts. People who put in the extra effort to make a visually appealing experience are rewarded with happy patrons.

Wait, where is Bar Rescue?

After my own trip to a local sports bar, which was memorable for all the wrong reasons, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Where is Bar Rescue when you need it?” Out of the many issues plaguing the bar, the most prominent was the placement and presentation of the television sets. When it comes to sports bars, the television sets are the main attraction. When television sets are sitting at shoulder level with sitting patrons and seem to be an aesthetic afterthought rather than a focal point, it defeats the purpose of the sports bar—a successful one anyway.

According to an feature on sports bars, “Since the main attraction is sporting events, sports bars have televisions in view of every seat, sometimes all tuned to different channels. Audio and video technology comes into play, with some owners spending a large percentage of their revenue on keeping up with the latest in technology--from satellites to big-screen TVs.”

The local sports bar in question was in desperate need of As a leader in the field of customized television frames, offers all the options to create an enjoyable viewing experience. Whether it’s the simplistic or most elegant, we offer high quality frames that are customizable to your specific needs.

Match the Décor of Any Room

Some of our options include slim and sleek metro frames, premium hardwood art covers, artisan frames utilizing a global selection of techniques, and more. We specialize in finding the right frame to match the décor of any room.

In regards to the aforementioned terrible sports bar, simply placing the televisions at a comfortable height for all patrons and utilizing one of’s custom frames to match the décor of the room would’ve improved the experience tenfold.

Presentation is integral to the success of any business, especially those where televisions are the main attraction. has all the custom frame options to bring you success, no matter what presentation needs you may have!