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Top Accessories for Your HDTV

High-definition television sets can be large financial investments. However, for those of us who view the upgrade in TV and movie viewing quality as a worthy cause, they can be the center of the perfect living room or bonus room! There are numerous highly useful accessories available for large HDTV sets. Frame My TV’s frames, mirrors, and works of art can make excellent accessories to incorporate a TV into the design of a room, but there are also some common electronic add-ons that can expand the usefulness of an HDTV set. Here is a rundown of some popular accessories for your HDTV:

Popular Accessories for Your HDTV

  • A suitable antenna/cable/satellite feed. This is an obvious, but crucial accessory! Without access to specific high-definition channels, you will be missing out on a great deal of the benefit of an HDTV. Most popular TV channels have an HD version of their regular programming, and it is essential to acquire access to a cable package which includes them.
  • High-definition DVR. Ever since the advent of TiVo in the late 1990s, digital video recording (DVR) devices have become must-own accessories for television set owners. With the capability to schedule recordings of all of your favorite TV programs in hand, your TV watching experience will be that much richer!
  • Blu-ray player or DVD upconverter. Many swore that the upgrade of their movie libraries from VHS to DVD would be their last, but with Blu-ray technology on the market, many have changed their minds! A Blu-ray player helps you get the full powerful viewing experience offered by an HDTV. But for those without a Blu-ray collection, the DVD upconverter is another option—a device which alters DVDs’ presentation to make them appear higher-definition!
  • HDMI A/V Receiver. High-definition picture provides for a great viewing experience, but sound quality is essential to the ideal TV or movie experience as well! The HDMI A/V receiver can accept the video and audio input from cable, DVD players, video game consoles, and more; then the receiver will send the sound out through either your HDTV or a speaker system for boosted quality!
  • Universal remote control. The holy grail of convenient TV and movie viewing, the universal remote allows you, if it is configured properly, to control every device you have hooked up to your TV without requiring you to juggle several different remotes! It is a simple and valuable purchase to upgrade your TV system.

Of course, upgrading your TV’s appearance can be as simple as adding a frame. Visit Frame My TV today!