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Can a Curved TV be Framed?

Well, YES and NO is the answer to this question. Frustrated by such an ambiguous answer?  We understand, so let us explain further. 

In short, we can make a frame for a curved TV,  but we don't a way to make the frame curved and depending on which of our product types you are interested in, you may not find yourself with quite the look you were going for if using the curved TV. 

TV Mirrors with Curved TVs

Simply put ... it's just a bad idea because: 

  • We can't curve our TV mirror glass and even if we could it would give you a sort of fun house type of skinny mirror for a reflection. Not very flattering you might agree!
  • One of the keys to making a TV mirror give you the best effect is to have the surface of the TV as close to the mirror as possible so the black surface of the TV when off serves as the backing to the mirror making a better TV mirror.  With the curved TV behind a flat mirror, this just isn't possible. 

TV Art Covers with Curved TVs

If you simply must have a curved TV, then the only way to frame it would be with one of our motorized canvas paintings as you can see in the gallery below. 

While there's no way to have the art or frame curved, we can have the flat painting and frame in front of the curved TV so it looks like a normal framed piece of art, then when the painting rolls up, behind it you will see the TV.  The only thing to note is that there will be deeper gap between the back of the black mat and the surface of the TV which will be visible when the art is raised.

PRO TIP: Since curved TV's are typically much thicker, Your best bet would be to fully recess the TV into the wall if this a possibility in your space. 

Key Takeaway

We can conceal a curved TV, but there are some Pros and Cons as we've described. Click the Contact Us button with any questions .