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Major “Don’ts” of Home Decorating

222821-5_mediumHome decorating is an intricate art—to those who have never tried it, its difficulty may not be readily apparent. However, the list of unwritten rules extends into the hundreds, with some otherwise logical arrangements of furniture and accessories appearing disorderly and unappealing to the eyes of most observers. It is high time that some of the rules were written down—here are some major “don’ts” of home decorating:

Major “don’ts” of home decorating 

  • Don’t push all your furniture against a wall. Remember, you are decorating a room, not playing limbo or Tetris! Furniture can create an appropriate sense of spacing in a room, as a backdrop against which people can have conversations at parties or arrange decorations. As Dawn Newkirk, Gorman’s furniture stores’ director of fashion merchandising, says, “You don’t want people trying to walk across a fifteen-foot room.” She adds, on office and bedroom decorating, “Who wants to work at the desk staring at the wall?”
  • Don’t overcompensate for a room’s space or lack thereof. There is a pervasive myth that small rooms should be arranged with small furniture. Nothing could be further from the truth—in fact, this often makes a room feel even smaller than it already is! Of course, there is an even larger, related don’t—you can’t buy furniture that will not fit in your home! But that goes without saying, right?
  • Don’t make everything dull and drab. A single shiny or reflective item can make all the difference in making a room feel inviting. A metal tray, a chandelier, or even a shiny throw pillow can fulfil this function. Placing a mirror opposite a window is another useful trick with reflective light—it can make a room feel significantly larger, should you desire such an effect!
  • Don’t try too hard to make everything in a room match. If you overdo the matching, then all of your furniture and accessories may turn out to blend in with each other, and deprive the room of any discernable focal point. Don’t go overboard! Diversify your room a bit, here and there.
  • Don’t make all of your light switches on/off switches. Lighting defines a room, so whenever possible, accessorize with layered lighting. Chandeliers, once again, can add lighting and ambience, but even a simple adjustable light switch, with dim and bright settings, can do the trick.
  • A final rule for the list—don’t place your TV in plain site without a frame! Frame My TV’s exquisite TV frames and mirrors make your TV an asset to your room, rather than a distraction. Find out more today!