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Portraits of Justice Installation Features OptiClear TV Mirror Glass

When you think of, you probably think of a quality, at-home TV viewing experience. However, we do much more, including specialty applications and commercial installations. For example, one of our latest projects is the Portraits of Justice permanent installation by Alfredo Jaar, which will be on display at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.

According to an article in Arts & Education, “Jaar’s new installation Portraits of Justice welcomes students, staff, faculty, and visitors entering the college with an elegant wall of pristine mirrors and aluminum panels. In midst of the reflections of the atrium’s buzzing life, the seemingly minimal installation offers the college community a gaze into itself.” These mirrors will light up every few minutes to show the faces of John Jay students, periodically appearing and disappearing throughout different areas of the installation.

Layering of Reflections

Some of the students pictured will speak out the word “justice” at random intervals during the day. On top of that, the installation will completely fill up three times a day, with “students whispering, shouting, imposing, or calling for ‘justice’ in unison.”

As told by Arts & Education, “The layering of reflections and the gradual unraveling of the complexity of the work reflects the difficulty and intricacy of a field like criminal justice, as well as the rigor and discipline that it requires. Mirrors, an age-old symbol of transparency and scrutiny, also suggest that all justice begins by looking at oneself.” The installation serves as a reminder to the students, who are facing their peers as well as the rest of their college community, that they are at John Jay for one powerful, yet simple reason: justice.

OptiClear TV Mirror Glass

In all, the installation features recorded videos of 100 John Jay students. Their faces are displayed on large monitors, hidden behind’s OptiClear TV mirrors. Specifically, our OptiClear TV mirror glass conceals an 18’ wide by 8’ tall wall of 20 LCD monitors. When unlit, these mirrors function just as any normal mirror would, but turn completely clear when the monitors are on and the light is shining behind them.

Portraits of Justice is a great example of the versatility of’s wide variety of TV mirror glass. In addition to OptiClear, we also offer OptiClear Ultra, Reflections, and Lux glass. Choosing the best option is simply a matter of figuring out what the primary use of your glass will be. In the case of John Jay, it’s to convey a powerful message about justice to its criminal justice students and the rest of the college community. For you, maybe it’s simply TV viewing in your living room or mirror viewing in the bathroom. No matter what TV mirror glass needs you may have, look no further than!